She Asked Dad How He Met Mom. His Response Is The Best Thing You'll Read Today

A high school senior named Sydney is writing an?essay?about her parents, so she asked Dad how he and Mom fell in love.

Dad texted her the story, and now it's being shared all over the world.

This is why...


Your mom basically asks me to marry her. We both thought it would be funny to tell our friends since no one would believe it. So at first our engagement was a joke.

Two weeks later I was absolutely?madly?in love with your mother. She was more than a dream come true for me. You guys only see her as R2D2. I get to see her as my best friend, my hilarious wife, and my beautiful queen when we get the chance to be away from here and work.

You’ve probably seen the great side of mommy while alone with her at tourneys…idk?

Married a year later. Had Brytt, first child? A daddy’s girl, made me cry. Had Q, my son and future and the future of the Willoughby name, plus someone I could teach to be a man. But … your mom wanted another and I didn’t at first.

I’ll admit at that time l was working days and going to school at night and weekends. Mommy was working nights so we were sort of having a rough time. Not seeing enough of each other.

So you were the way to bring us back together. Didn’t know it at the time but you changed our lives. We chose to have mommy quit working. By doing so, l lost R2D2 and got back my truly perfect wife.

It allowed us to focus on each other and our finally complete family. l also had to go to school for three months. Being away from your mom and my kids ripped the heart out of me. l couldn’t live without R2D2 even though l love my funny queen so much more.

Bottom line, we fell into each other’s lap under odd circumstances but it resulted in the coolest family ever. You three kids are our?personalities?all?wrapped?up. Our heart, soul, humor, kindness, respect, integrity and a million other neat stuff about us. We would not be the same without everyone we have.

And it keeps growing. l’ve had the perfect life because of your mom. A perfect life. Give me 1 billion dollars. Make the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Make me president. None of those would be worth of without her. She doesn’t just without her. She doesn’t just “complete me” she came into my life when l was young and immature, completed me and then made me so much better of a person. l dated and married an angel.

"Hearing this from my dad about my mom made me cry," Sydney wrote on T-witter. "27 years of marriage."
“聽到爸爸敘述的關于媽媽的故事后,我哭了”, Sydney在推特上寫道。“這長達27年的婚姻。”

Yeah, we're crying too.