The big reunion special may be indefinitely delayed, because the Friends cast is in quarantine like the rest of us mere mortals. But there will be at least one new way we can bring our six favorite people into our homes this year—and it involves food.

Friends: The Official Cookbook will be released on Sept. 20, and you can pre-order it on Amazon now. That's right, folks, all 176 pages of the new hardback cookbook are sanctioned by none other than Warner Bros. Thankfully, the book is appropriate for all skill levels. So it's OK if you're just a regular foodie like Joey Tribbiani and not a seasoned chef like Monica Geller.

And I can confirm that the more than 70 recipes inspired by the hit NBC sitcom 100% include recipes for Just for Joey Fries and Monica's Friendsgiving Feast. Your other favorite characters are in on the fun, too. There's Chandler Bing's "Milk You Can Chew," Phoebe Buffay's Grandmother's Cookies, Rachel Green's famous English Trifle ... and The Moist Maker.
我可以確認從這部美國全國廣播公司的情景喜劇中獲得靈感的超過70道菜中一定有“Just for Joey Fries”和莫妮卡的“Friendsgiving Feast”。其他你喜愛的角色也會參與其中,有錢德勒·賓的“Milk You Can Chew”、菲比·布菲的“Grandmother's Cookies”、瑞秋·格林著名的“English Trifle”和“The Moist Maker”。

Each recipe is expertly paired with an episode of the show, so you can watch TV while you eat dinner. I don't know about you, but now sounds like the perfect time to grab that Friends-themed slow cooker I always wanted so I'll be ready to go come September.