常用的英語作文句式有:The two drawings stand in a sharp contrast(兩幅圖形成了鮮明的對比),At the expense of……(以……為代價)等等。

1.The cartoon vividly shows an important truth that…漫畫生動地揭示了一個重要的道理

2.As is vividly depicted in the drawings 漫畫生動地描述了

3.Clearly, the cartoon reveals a very common problem in our society 很明顯,漫畫揭示了我們社會的一個普遍現象

4.The implied meaning of the drawings is that 漫畫的寓意是

5.As is manifested in the cartoon 如漫畫所示

6.The two drawings stand in a sharp contrast 兩幅圖形成了鮮明的對比

7.A ridiculous situation 一個可笑的場景

8.To grasp the full implication 充分理解寓意

9.With sweats trailing down the face 汗流滿面

10.There is no denying that… 毋庸置疑……

11.There is a general assumption that 人們普遍認為

12.To make careful decision 認真做決定

13.It is quite obvious that 很明顯

14.To draw our attention to 關注

15.Upcoming 即將來臨的

16.Beyond one’s comprehension 無法理解

17.To be deprived of 被剝奪

18.Few people could pay attention to… 關注……的人寥寥無幾

19.We can often encounter a scene where 我們經常碰到……的現象

20.Commit a terrible blunder 犯下嚴重錯誤

21.Defy the rules and regulations concerned 違反有關規章制度

22.To be caught in a dilemma 陷入進退兩難的境地

23.At the expense of 以……為代價

24.To pose a threat to對……造成威脅

25.To bite away at our mind 蠶食我們的心靈

26.Will lead to distortion of minds and erosion of values 導致思想的扭曲和價值觀的腐化

27.Immature personalities and na?ve thoughts 個性不成熟和思想單純

28.To leave deep psychological wounds in their victims 給受害者留下了深深的心理創傷

29.something harmful or detrimental 有害的東西

30.from all spheres of life 來自生活的方方面面

31. from the opposite perspective of 從相反的角度

32. the increasingly accumulated pressure 日積月累的壓力

33. to suffer mental disorders 患精神疾病

34. above vulgar interest 脫離低級趣味

35. marathon talk 煲電話粥

36. to satisfy their personal interests 滿足個人利益

37. to gain control of ourselves 控制自己

38. Unintentionally or intentionally 有意或無意的

39. It is of great importance that… 重要的是

40. It is worrisome that… 令人擔心的是

41. Predictably, and regrettably 可以預見的且遺憾的是

42. In response to this 鑒于此

43. It is no surprise that …不足為奇

44. According to reports released by sociologists 根據社會學家的報道

45. In today’s society filled with intense competition 在今天充滿競爭的社會里

46. There are signs that the situation is turning from bad to worse 種種跡象表明,這種情況正在惡化

47. There is no evidence that 沒有證據表明

48. To be on the decline 正處于衰敗階段

49. Obstacles, discourages and impossibilities 障礙、挫折和絕望

50. To lose one’s golden opportunity 失去黃金機會

51. To be a good case in point 是一個好的例證

52. With a positive attitude 持積極的態度

53. The moral climate of the whole society 全社會的道德氛圍

54. The calling of this era 時代的召喚

55. To make one’s ambition possible 讓夢想成真

56. Overall development 全面發展

57. The all-round education 素質教育

58. It is high time to call for an end to 現在應該是號召人們結束……的時候了

59. It is high time that measures be taken to alleviate the syndrome of such a universal ill 現在是采取措施以減輕這種……通病的時候了

60. To arouse the attention of the society 引起全社會的關注

61. To remind ourselves to make sure that 提醒自己確定

62. The first and the last and the never-falling receipt 第一、最終和最佳的解決方案

63. To attach due weight to 給予應有的注意

64. will inevitably make the situation worse… 勢必使情況變得更加糟糕

65. To become desperately urgent 變得十分緊急

66. To balance different sections in life 平衡生活的方方面面

67. Whoever you are and whatever situation you are caught in 不論你是誰,不論你身處何種困境

68. Tough obstacles may lie ahead 哪怕前方困難重重

69. To put our behaviors in right directions 規范我們的言行規范

70. To act prudently and confidently 謹慎和理性地行事

71. To place a high value upon 注重,側重

72. With one’s austere perseverance 如果持之以恒

73. To have a long way to go 任重道遠

74. by relevant government departments and professionals at different levels 有關政府部門和各類專業人士

75. be bear in mind 牢記

76. to sharp our eye for 擦亮眼睛注意

77. to improve one’s personality 提升人格

78. to find proper outlets for 找到合適的渠道來宣泄

79. in our meaningful endeavor 在我們有意義的努力過程中

80. to build up the spiritual civilization 建設精神文明

81. Besides, we, as college students, should learn to make wise use of 除此之外,我們大學生應該學會合理使用……

82. Of all basic elements of success, …is probably the most crucial在所有成功要素中,……是最重要的

83. only in this way, can we address the problem of只有通過這種方式我們才能解決……的問題

84. The whole society should take joint efforts to better the atmosphere of …and steer … to the right track of…全社會應該共同努力,改善……的氛圍,引導……走上正軌

85. The proper way to deal with pressure 處理壓力的恰當方式

86. To enhance their flexibility in dealing with various challenge 提高處理各種挑戰的靈活性

87. It is our urgent task to do我們的當務之急是

88. To appreciate the concept of honor and disgrace 明白榮辱是非

89. To lead a meaningful and rewarding life 過著有意義的生活