What are some street smart tips that could potentially help me one day?


獲得11k好評的回答@Andrew Frawley:

1.If the pigeons have mangled feet, you are entering a bad neighborhood. Context: urban pigeons lose toes when they try to make nests out of debris on the ground. Dangerous neighborhoods are dirty, have debris and thus pigeons with missing toes.

2.If you want to make friends with a new group of people, talk to the guys. If you approach the girls, the guys will get jealous.

3.Homeless people (usually) are using your cash for drugs. (edit: offer support through other means)

4.If you realize someone is stalking you, don’t run, act like you don’t see them. Walk somewhere public. Most kidnappers will act quick if they think their target is onto them.

5.If there is a riot, run with the crowd or you will get trampled like a pancake.

6.Moss mostly grows on the north side of the tree.

7.Public libraries have free computers.


獲得8.7k好評的回答@Brett Tyler:

1. Never show fear. No matter how scared you are ALWAYS act as if everything is fine. Most importantly relax your EYES.

2. Practice dead eyes! This goes along with not being afraid. The first things predators look for is weakness and fear is weakness.

3. Walk with your head up. Not only does it allow you to observe better what is going on around you but it shows you have confidence. Walking with your head down looks WEAK and unconfident PLUS unaware.

4. Choose your battles wisely. Fight only the fights you can win

5. Practice strong body language. Talk with your hands. Use open gestures. Use facial expressions to provide context to your words.

6. LEARN TO LIE! Lies are powerful on the street. Why you ask? Because it allows you to shape PERCEPTION! If someone thinks your dad is CRAZY they'll be hesitant to mess with you.