What should I do when I am emotionally attached to a narcissist?


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Imagine that you brought home an adorable new dog. In the beginning he seems perfect—handsome, affectionate, and well-behaved. Then one day you go to pick up his food bowl, and he bites you. You remember hearing that dogs can be territorial about their food, so you decide to chalk up that bite to your ignorance. From now on you will be more careful about suddenly invading his space. Cut to six months later. Your dog’s territory keeps expanding and there are fewer and fewer zones left for you.

Now, would you keep this dog? If not, how would you handle your emotional attachment? Here are some suggestions. When you start missing your Narcissist:

Remember all the pain he/she inflicted on you.

Take a deep, cleansing breath and savor your freedom.

Reclaim all the things that you gave up to satisfy your Narcissistic lover.

Sum up what you have learned from this experience.

Apply what you have learned and look for a new, non-Narcissistic lover.

Remind yourself that you became emotionally attached to a delightful fantasy. The real person was the one who kept hurting you.

Punchline: There are many charming, attractive people who are better admired at a distance. When we take them home, they take over. Better a bit of emotional pain now, than a lifetime of it.


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I think you know the answer. A narcissist is busy with his own self. It's just that you are trying to cling on to that person whereas you very well know that he is not capable of satisfying you emotionally. So pls take a reality check and come out of it. Relationships are all about give and take and it starts becoming a pain when it is a one way drive.

Respect yourself, take a call and move on. Don’t invest your time and energy on some unrealistic thought.

And sorry to say this but the other person is being what he is but you are being an emotional fool. Wake up girl.


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Run. Run like the wind. A relationship with a narcissist is NOT a relationship! You are an object of convenience to the narcissist. Not a PARTNER. Carefully and privately plan your escape. Or decline to have a life of your own.

That's pretty much the whole of it. If you are truly with a narcissist, the end will be loss of self. The sooner you get into therapy, the better. Or just get out and then find out why you were vulnerable to such a person. I always recommend therapy. But if you can't do that… read a LOT about it before you get into another relationship.

It will be hard. But YOU can do hard things….!